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Niwot’s Sculpture Park Committee is accepting proposals from artists who wish to be considered for a temporary (1 year) sculpture installation to be located in and around Community Corner at Sculpture Park, on the West corner of Niwot Road and N. 79th St, Niwot, Colorado. 

The delightful vintage town of Niwot sits just off the highway between Boulder and Longmont. With a vibrant residential and business community overlooking the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains Niwot is a unique town with great restaurants,  breweries, coffee shops and cute locally-owned stores as well as fantastic history and art. With a packed calendar of events and parades - Halloween, 4th of July, Wine About Winter, Enchanted Evening, First Friday Art Walks etc, there is always a lot going on in Niwot!

Community Corner at Sculpture Park, Niwot forms a key part of First Friday Art Walks and the art and artists are publicized in Niwot communications, including availability for purchase at the end of the installation, if appropriate. The location is at a crucial crossroads linking the historic downtown and the Cottonwood shopping districts and steps away from existing tree sculptures.

Read more about Community Corner at Sculpture Park


Aims of the Project:

The Niwot Sculpture Park Committee is a local committee of volunteers made up of representatives of the Niwot Community Association, Niwot Business Association, Niwot Cultural Arts Association, Niwot Future League, Cottonwood West Home Owners’ Association, artists and Niwot residents.

The committee is tasked with adding to and/or replacing some of the selection of sculptures to be installed at Community Corner during a period of one year.

The committee is seeking a variety of sculpture in terms of themes, size, materials etc that will enhance Community Corner and add to Niwot’s ambience and the enjoyment of residents and visitors.


Submission Requirements:

Artists may submit up to three (total) works, and up to twelve images total (eg. you may submit four images of one piece).

The maximum number of works by one artist in Community Corner during one year shall be two.

The artwork must be able to withstand exterior conditions from extreme heat, wind, precipitation and cold.

Please submit your recommendation for pedestal and installation methods;



August 2019 — Call for artists 

October 31st, 2019 – Submissions due via online form at 

November 15th 2019 - Artworks chosen by the committee, and notifications sent to artists

January 2020 - Deadline for contracts to be signed

February 2020 - Installation

March 6th, 2020 - Official launch of sculptures. First Friday Artwalk Public Voting for public choice winner.



Several artworks may be chosen to participate.

  • A stipend of $750 for one year will be available for one of these sculptures, and this stipend will be awarded by the committee. This sculpture will remain in place until the end of 2020, even if it is sold during that time.
  • In addition, a second stipend of $250 will be awarded for one of the sculptures, based on a public vote after installation has taken place. This sculpture, and any not receiving a stipend, will remain in place until the end of 2020. If an artwork is sold during the display period, it may be removed at any time.
  • For all sculptures, If the artist or the Committee wish to remove a sculpture at the end of 2020, they will notify the other party by no later than the 1st September 2020.
  • Artwork will be signed as available for sale through the Niwot Cultural Arts Association (NCAA). If sold during the display term, the NCAA will receive 40% of the selling price and the artist will receive 60% of the selling price.

The artist shall be responsible for transportation of the artwork to the site, and the Sculpture Park Committee shall be responsible for installation.

The Sculpture Park Committee provides insurance for materials of the artwork. The artist should provide any additional insurance outside of this provision.

The artist shall be responsible for transporting the artwork away from the site at the end of the term of display.



Any practicing visual artist may apply. Students pursuing graduate or undergraduate degrees in fine art are eligible. Galleries may apply on behalf of individual artists. 


Selection Process:

A selection panel, comprising members of the Sculpture Park Committee, will review all submissions. Selection criteria include quality and innovation, compatibility with the site, and public safety. The selection panel will select the artwork based on the aforementioned criteria.



Please fill out the form below. Applications must be received by October 31st, 2019.



Please direct queries to

Information beyond the scope of this proposal will not be available until after the artists are  selected.