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This time of year, we are thinking about ways that we can accomplish a personal goal or improve our life for a better, brighter year ahead. If you're looking to elevate the joy in your life, one of Niwot's health & wellness practitioners may be the answer.

To make things easy, we’ve gathered up a handful of incredible wellness, massage, fitness and alternative health practitioners we have right here in our community and also some special offers and discounts they're offering.

Hidden Yoga Studio

Hidden Yoga Studio is a group of dedicated teachers and practitioners who believe that Yoga should be fun, healing and ultimately transformative. They seek to teach in a way that makes the practice of Yoga joyous, juicy and challenging, but also accessible and safe.

The Hidden Yoga Studio offers a variety of pricing options with discounts for teachers, students, seniors and veterans. 

New students 30 days of unlimited yoga for - $49
New student 10 class card $100!
Veterans get their first 4 classes Free!

361 2nd Avenue, Niwot, CO  |  Visit Website

Diamond Fitness

Experience the benefits of personalized Pilates and Gyrotonic training and Thai Massage with Alice Diamond. She will help you attain your fitness and wellness goals no matter what your starting point is. She will help you understand your body so you can make effective changes that last. Alice has successfully helped clients with back pain, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, hip pain, foot/ankle issues, neck pain and more.

Start the new year off on the right FEET with Diamond Fitness's FIT FEET WORKSHOP that will get your feet supple and strong for the new year and every day of your life! Register Here

361 2nd Ave, Niwot, CO  |  Visit Website

Begin Fitness

Begin Fitness is located in the center of Niwot, and is the best place to find motivating, affordable, and friendly fitness classes!

You will discover the energy and direction you need to achieve the results you want. 

Through the end of January, new clients will receive a free trial week of classes. New members will receive 50% off their first month. Begin Fitness classes include rebounding, barre, resistance training, boot camp, cardio kickboxing, and more!

136 2nd Avenue, Niwot, CO  |  Visit Website

Integral CrossFit

Integral CrossFit is very serious about helping you pursue life long fitness. They're also all about having fun while doing it. You'll come in to a class that’s led by a certified Coach who will help you get the most out of your exercise and movement. Integral CrossFit will increase your ability to lift, push, press and run.

Integral CrossFit is offering a Low Joint Impact training program, using rowing, resistance training and calisthenics. Class size is limited: Sign Up Here

7960 Niwot Rd. B-12, Niwot, CO  |  Visit Website