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About Kelly C. Mullen (Transformational Coaching)

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Do you dream of creating a life of connection, fulfillment and prosperity, but sometimes experience:

  • Frustrating physical symptoms?
  • Confusion about following your heart's desire?
  • Exhaustion from tending to the needs of others at the expense of your own health, and financial well-being?
  • Betrayals that erode your sense of trust, feelings of safety, and capacity to receive?

If this sounds like you, you just might be an empath - and you’re not alone!

Overwhelm, exhaustion, and self-doubt are three of the key challenges that empaths commonly experience. Your ability to tune into others' needs is so highly attuned that you've been able to effectively please, soothe, perform and problem-solve—all to minimize your chances of feeling the dense emotions (shame, anger, fear, grief…) of those around you and the less than peaceful circumstances that can result.

But it’s not sustainable. The pace of all the doing can take a toll on your health and relationships, as well as the freedom to flow with your life’s purpose and make a difference.

So what if you could make the shift from asking yourself, “How can I help others (fill in the blank)?” to asking “How can I live more carefree?” 

Who would you be from that place of freedom? What spaces would you choose to be in? Who would you be spending your time with? What experiences would you be engaging in?

As a transformational coach, I supports empaths (including entrepreneurial empaths) who want to make a difference, yet aren't clear what that looks like, and sometimes find themselves pulled into overwhelm, exhaustion and self-doubt. Whether it’s through private 1:1 coaching, or facilitating workshops, I create & hold a space for my clients to know the power they hold to flow with their life's purpose.

Whenever you're ready, the best way that I can support you is via a free Freedom to Flow Discovery Call.  During this time, you'll gain clarity on your biggest challenge, review resources that can get you started, and see if it's a fit.  

In the meantime, please feel free to join my Facebook Group, “The Lightworker Community” (as well as on MeetUp at "Lightworkers of Boulder & Beyond

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