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About We Love Trees Inc.

Environmentally minded tree care

Our vision of tree care includes the needs of trees, the natural environment and the humans that live among them. We enjoy being with trees and observing the various roles they play on our planet. Rather than short-term solutions, we opt for a sustainable approach that includes all the life phases of trees. 

Our Services


Sometimes the trees that live among us just require a watchful and experienced human eye to help discern  what they are showing. We offer the service of observation through several different services.  

Tree and Property Consultation- If you are seeking general advice and information for the care of the trees on your property

Tree Care Proposal - if you are clear or somewhat clear on what you are looking for in terms of tree care services 

Tree Health

Seasonal and environmental changes along with weather events often mean that trees require extra attention to remain healthy. We provide preventative measures as well as a holistic treatments to ensure the continued health of your trees.


We work in the space of humans and plants.  Pruning services focus on meeting the objectives people have for their trees and shrubs. Objectives include preservation, safety, clearance from structures, overall health, size, appearance and fruit or flower production. The pruning services we recommend typically  focus on several of these objectives.

Insects and Disease

Trees are complex living organisms and their overall health is affected by many factors. We look at Insects and Disease as integral components of ecosystems. We make recommendations based on scientific knowledge and observation with consideration to the overall impact to the ecosystem. Sometimes doing nothing is the best strategy and other times a targeted treatment is required  to preserve a valued specimen tree. Plant life on this planet has evolved over millions of years and our role as stewards of trees means that we have to keep an open mind and a commitment to learning and growing.

Tree Removal

Often times it may not be practical to leave a standing dead or dying tree near our homes or in our yards. We offer removal services that match the needs of each situation. We relish the opportunity to leave portions of trees in place to allow for the life that is created through decay. Trees living and dead are habitat for thousands of organisms.

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