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About Tutor Doctor - Longmont

Tutor Doctor began with the simple idea that the classroom setting was insufficient to unlocking the learning potential of each student. But to an industry that relied on conformity, the idea of building a tutoring model that acknowledged the unique learning style of the individual was revolutionary.

Immediately successful among students and families who formally struggled with the rigid education system, Tutor Doctor wanted to share this innovative method with students around the world. In 2003, we started offering franchises that fulfilled our commitment to building a team of passionate business leaders who could work together to support personalized education.

In order to keep up with the market demand for our acclaimed services, in 2007 Tutor Doctor began working with a professional franchising group headed by now President Frank Milner. By combining our values of teamwork, integrity and innovation with exceptional franchising, sales, training and marketing expertise, Tutor Doctor exploded internationally.

Through constantly refining and reinventing our strategies to persevere in an accelerating global information economy, Tutor Doctor has expanded our cutting-edge business model to 5 continents, 14 countries with 17,000 tutors worldwide. So far, we have helped 200,000 people. As a prominent leader in the multi-billion dollar industry of private tutoring, Tutor Doctor is experiencing one of the fastest growing international expansions of any educational company in the history of franchising.

With the majority of our growth occurring in the last decade, our company is naturally equipped to prepare students for a future that past generations could not even imagine. A commitment to innovation combined with a strong work ethic has ensured that our techniques are customized for students wishing to be the future leaders of our global society.

While each year Tutor Doctor has continued to grow and revolutionize at unprecedented rates, it is our belief that each of our students is unique that remains the source of our success.

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