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About The Startup Expert, LLC

Helping Leaders Become a Force For Good

If you are a powerful leader who wants to make a profit AND ALSO make the world a better place you are in the right place. A warm welcome.

Firstly, thank you for being the powerful force that moves our world forward. It is an incredible mission and I am here to support you in some powerful ways.

Secondly, we need you! The world has never been at a moment in history when conscious leadership is more necessary. There is an urgent need for passionate leaders who are committed to making the world a better place. We are witnessing an emergence of creative, caring, ethical business that designs sustainable solutions that are for the greater good – their client, staff, employees and the planet.

Conscious Leaders Face Tough Challenges

They want to make a difference:  An iconic CEO needs purpose. He longs to make an impact and change the world for the better. A company mission must excite the CEO and the staff. This mission is usually something way bigger than the company.

They want to do the right thing:  By their customers, their staff and the planet.  Yet, cost competition is intense in a world where too many are just focused on the cheapest solution, regardless of the negative impact.

They have to find and keep the best people: Finding and retaining a motivated, passionate workforce is increasingly challenging, especially with millennials.   If employees aren’t madly excited about a company mission that is much bigger than just making a profit, they really don’t get very engaged.

They have to be profitable: Navigating the course between doing the right thing, making sustainable planet-friendly choices and hitting the numbers has never been more challenging.

A Strategy for Good Overcomes Challenges

Luckily – using business as a strategy for good is becoming (almost) everything these days. It can overcome all of these challenges!

Sure, sure, that sounds pretty Pollyana-like, we get it.   But look at the facts.  Think of companies like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Life is Good, Athleta, Kickstarter as some well-known, unashamedly pro-planet companies. As well as a host of disruptive startups like Peak Design, Go Box, Allbirds and Bureo.

They would all agree that their “doing good” focus has become their competitive edge, the one thing that defines them. It has set them apart, fueled them and caused them to profitable, sought-after icons of leadership.

The loyal customer base is prepared to pay a premium for the greater good they promote.

They attract the best employees, wh are excited by the mission and eager to pitch in

Let’s face it, it feels amazing to make money AND do the right thing!

Our Mission

That is why we specialize in helping leaders become a force for good. We do this be helping the leadership team create and implement strong business strategies that support profit, planet, and people.

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