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About Dr. Stacey

As a mother with a child on the autism spectrum, I can not think of a more precious gift than to give our children the gift of being and feeling connected to others. I have dedicated myself and my career to help families achieve this for themselves.

My book “The Social Diet®” (out in 2018) is for anyone who loves a child or adult with autism or related disorders. It is a culmination of what I have learned over the past decade. The book is for the parents of these amazing children and for the dedicated professionals who have chosen to help them.

I believe that The Social Diet® will broaden your understanding of autism and leave you with a fresh perspective. My vision is for every child or individual to live a more socially-connected life. The Social Diet® will give you the tools and education necessary to make this happen.

Ultimately, my goal is to inspire you and your family to lead a rich and fulfilling life!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ask “Dr. Stacy” Certified Autism Consultant – Specializing in Behavior, Social Relationships, Parent and Professional Trainings

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