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About Mass Equities, Inc

MEQ is a boutique private-equity real estate investment firm that invests across a broad spectrum of real estate asset classes and markets.  Our investment philosophy has been honed from our principals’ 100+ years of combined real estate investment experience in both private and public companies and advanced through many real estate cycles.

Our philosophy is simple: invest in a diverse portfolio of asset classes and markets that we would want to own ourselves and, when possible, invest in assets and markets where large institutional capital that often distorts asset values is prohibited from investing due to size and liquidity constraints.

A key component of our diversification philosophy is to avoid over concentration in one asset class or market.  While asset and market concentration can create deep focus and expertise, we believe it can also create out-sized risks based on the individual economic drivers of that single market or single asset class.  True diversification also leverages and employs all facets of creating investment value, from development and existing-building repositions to comprehensive operational and leasing strategies.

Combining this philosophy with our entrepreneurial spirit and relentless focus on execution and utilizing our institutional backgrounds and process will create the best results possible for our investors and ourselves.

The result is a forward thinking real estate investment firm focused on providing strategically diverse and customized investment solutions for our clients.

MEQ – Entrepreneurial Spirit, Institutional Performance

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