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About Little Aspen Studios

Little Aspen Studios is a place to find guidance and personal growth. Through a balance of science and spirituality, the classes, events, and services offered share an opportunity to connect with your Soul’s purpose and progress on your spiritual path.

If you’re looking to heal, move forward in life, get “unstuck”, evolve your intuitive gifts, or simply learn more about the spiritual realm, Little Aspen Studios honors you. It is how we integrate the spiritual, physical, emotional, alternative, and mainstream in our lives that makes us who we are.

Throughout my website, you can learn more about the lifetime of learning and study I have to share with you. Discover the power of Akashic Records Readings, explore issues through deep dive Intuitive Sessions, attend dynamic experiential and educational classes, and see how spirit is imbued into matter through my inspired art forms. 

By building a relationship with your intuitive consciousness and adding resources to your spiritual toolbox, you empower yourself to trust your inner guidance, resolve issues in your life, and align with what you’re meant to do on your Soul’s journey. Little Aspen Studios helps you better understand your energetic possibilities and potential.

The dynamic teaching and learning experiences that have deepened my spiritual dimension, healing beliefs, and wisdom portals to expand my creative nature are available to you. I bring forward the gifts and wisdom I’ve received to help others seeking a greater understanding of themselves, their spiritual journey, and how to clear the energetic patterns holding you back.

I fully invite your questions and encourage you to seek more information about anything that interests you. Let’s connect!

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