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About Integral Health & Fitness

Integral Health & Fitness has been in operation since 2011, we are one of the first three CrossFit gyms in the Boulder area and we are the only one in Niwot.  We’re not a big gym that is forced to run big classes. Our classes are kept to ten or fewer people–our Get Fit for CrossFit is six or less–to allow for the maximum observation and guidance from our Coaches. You won’t get lost in a crowd! small group class. You’re motivated by the group to work hard and monitored by the Coaches to keep you safe. What is CrossFit? Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program, based in functional movement, which used three main categories of exercise: Metabolic Conditioning, Weightlifting and Gymnastics. Through constant variation of these three exercises elements the Crossfit method is able to produce a physical and mental response that cannot be duplicated by any of these in isolation. In CrossFit we define a fit individual as someone who has mastery of ten fitness domains: cardivascular/respitory endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. CrossFit is designed to increase your capacity in all of these domains. All classes are led by certified CrossFit trainers and classes are kept small to allow for individual coaching and maximum improvement. Integral Health & Fitness is a school of fitness as well a community of people who value fitness and the support they receive from one another in our classes. Come and join our friendly, supportive and fun environment where your fitness can accelerate and be integrated into your life. 

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