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About Indigo Impact Initiative

Empathy. Education. Entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Engaging communities, connecting them to resources and talent so they can create strong futures for their children.

We Help Communities

  • Better prepare their students to be productive members of society.
  • Redefine the meaning of success. A "one-sized-fits-all" notion of success fails many in today's world.
  • Personalize their students' educational experiences. "Individualized" education is often not "personalized" education.
  • Prepare their students with the skills to address a broader range of real world problems
  • Develop intra and interpersonal skills, which are critical to success in life.   

“If you can catalyze the latent potential in a community, magic happens.”— Sheri Smith, Founder

How We Work

We have a unique ten-step process to engage community stakeholders, insure community buy-in, and provide the talent and resources necessary for success.

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