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About Harness Energy

Harness Energy started in 2008 when a few met tower field technicians took the opportunity to combine their varied backgrounds and experience to form their own venture. Since the early 2000's we have an experienced first hand how the wind resource assessment segment of the wind energy industry has matured and improved by leaps and bounds. Harness Energy has always worked to stay at the leading edge of that progress and continually works to innovate and improve.

Specializing in met tower installation and repair, we have serviced towers in over 35 states, including both Hawaii and Alaska, as well as internationally in places as varied as Haiti, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. We install, commission, maintain, and manage the equipment needed to collect accurate and bankable data. Our years of experience and commitment to continual training and improvement ensure we offer our clients the most accurate and dependable tools available and utilize the latest validated industry best practices. Harness understands quality data is the foundation of every successful project and this data begins with accurately configured and documented meteorological equipment. We know ourselves to be a key element in renewable energy project success and take pride in our work.

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