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About Goldbranch Properties

Goldbranch is a private, secure, and luxurious seventeen-home residential development located in the quaint town of Niwot, Colorado, in Boulder County. Located on a gently sloping hillside just minutes from the charming historical district of Old Town Niwot, it is a private community comprised of ten Goldbranch Village Lots that maintain the look and feel of a Tuscan community. In addition to our village, there are seven Goldbranch Estate Lots where owners have the flexibility to either work with our designers or use their own designs to build their European country dream home.

Goldbranch allows you to live your dream by purchasing a luxury custom home in the last undeveloped subdivision in Niwot. The unique Rural Mediterranean architecture is surrounded by natural beauty including a flourishing riparian corridor along the northern property line, which is home to various species of Colorado wildlife. From the pristine entrance and gate-house, to the lush roundabout and walking trails, Goldbranch is beautifully decorated with only the finest materials and landscaping. It’s unlike any real estate offering in the Boulder area, uniquely combining all the elements of fine living in one complete package.

Whether it is a Tuscan home in our village, a French hamlet, an English manor house or anything in between, Goldbranch is the perfect place to realize your dream home.

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