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About Begin Fitness

Begin Fitness is located in the center of Niwot, and is the best place to find motivating, affordable, and friendly fitness classes!

You will discover the energy and direction you need to achieve the results you want. 
Begin Fitness classes incorporate cardio, resistance, agility, balance, and core exercises to tone and slim the entire body. Using a wide range of methods, including fitball, weights, barre, boot camp, interval training, rebounding, step, and more, we constantly mix things up to challenge the body in new ways and inspire you to push hard and give your all.

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About our Classes: 
We are constantly working hard to design highly effective classes that will challenge your body and your mind, and provide you with the results you want. We draw from our fitness backgrounds (boot camp, interval training, kickboxing, cardio dance, weight training, barre, circuit training, and more), and utilize a wide range of fitness tools (weights, bands, bosu, pilates balls, barre, steps, rebounders, and more). Classes are different every day to keep your energy high, your interest peaked, and your body changing.

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