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About Admission Logic College Consulting

Admissions Logic College Consulting advises students and their parents in navigating the college admissions and application process by collaborating to develop a personalized college admissions plan based on the students’ interests and academic achievements. Our goal is to offer guidance in creating the best holistic application for each individual student. We strive to develop a systematic, personalized, logical approach including timelines to eliminate the stress and anxieties of the college application process.

Why you should hire a college admissions advisor:

  • motivate your student to take responsibility for their application process
  • develop a personalized list of potential colleges and universities for consideration
  • plan for standardized test preparation programs and test logistics
  • develop a comprehensive timeline for all essays and application deadlines
  • consider establishing a budget and funding plan for college expenses
  • learn about financial aid resources and application processes
  • obtain customized assistance for special considerations including learning disabilities
  • offer strategies for athletic recruits
  • provide guidance for military academy appointments or nominations and ROTC applicants

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