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Accessing Intuition for Creativity One Day Retreat

8:30am - 4:30pm

Niwot Inn


Creative energy and healing energy come from the same source.

When we access creativity and intuition, it also opens up possibilities for self-healing in unexpected ways. This experiential workshop combines writing, art, and movement to encourage a renewed and amplified connection with inner wisdom and intuition. From a state of awareness of your magnificence, you'll be invited to step into a higher vibration and remember your own powerful energy. The experience invites self-healing and deep recognition of the ability to shape and create your own life with confidence. More than just words, you'll begin to experience this and celebrate this as a new reality with the support of three amazing women who practice the tools you'll discover. They will guide you to experiment with the tools and find the ones that work best for you.

Practical Tools for Today
To navigate the space of self-healing means daring to step into that intuitive place of self-awareness and recognition of one's self as a powerful human being. To access higher levels of awareness and self-understanding, we'll use guided meditations and writing; work with creative arts as an alchemical way to hold and transmute energy; and use story, sound, and movement as invitations to become more grounded and discover one's greater power and vision.

The Aims of the Day-long Retreat

Increase Self-awareness and amplify access to innate abilities for transformation.

Develop greater creative Self-confidence and tap into intuition using writing, art, and movement.

Using story to encourage making conscious steps that lead to inspired outcomes.

To recognize what may be ready to be released, and create a space for that to happen. This might include old habits, dis-ease of some sort, discomfort, or old attitudes and programs that no longer serve.

To step into the energy of personal power and set intentions to move forward with ease and grace.

Celebrate all accomplished so far on this journey of life and honor all of the messiness and beauty of being human.

To have fun, experience joy and co-create an amazing experience of community in a beautiful, sacred space                                 

Who's this for:
This workshop is designed for those who feel drawn to affirmation of their own inner power and would like to discover more about how to tap into it with ease and grace using tools of writing, intuition, art, and movement. You may be seeking a way to take the next step in your life. Or perhaps you're at a crossroads and know that you'd like to make some life changes. Perhaps you'd like to access more courage and greater creative self-expression, but don't know exactly how. This workshop will help you to pay attention to your inner guidance and begin to listen in a deeper way and trust what you already sense and know for creating your next steps in the journey.

Cost: $130 full price / $95 for the Early-bird rate through July 1st. 

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