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About Left Hand Grange No.9

The Left Hand Grange continues to play an active role in serving the Niwot Community.  We help preserve the agricultural heritage of the area, and strive to honor the spirit of those early people who settled this area.  The Grange has its roots in agriculture, historically providing social interaction, education, and strong political advocacy for farmers and ranchers.  Today many Granges have evolved more into community service organizations.   

The Left Hand Grange building serves as a meeting and gathering place for   Niwot.   Groups that meet regularly are the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, the Rotary Club, bridge groups, and the Niwot Historical Society.  We hold activities such as used book sales, a monthly music open stage, a monthly knitting group, and various presentations. 

We welcome new members.  Check out to learn more about the Grange and happenings.  The Grange hall is for rent.  For information email  

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