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About Niwot Glam Lounge

If you feel like your natural eyelashes are too short, too straight, too light, too thin, OR you want some extra "ooh-la-la," eyelash extensions from Niwot Glam Lounge  are the perfect low-maintenance solution! Lash extensions are an art form. Each individual lash is lengthened with precision to accomplish a customized look. At Niwot Glam Lounge, we tailor fit your extensions to complement the shape and beauty of your eyes.

Niwot Glam Lounge is a lash extension and glamour studio.  Our lash artists are experienced and professional offering the very best customer service in the industry.  Niwot Glam Lounge specializes in individual eyelash extensions, Volume lashes, and everything lashes and glamour.  See our full list of services and prices for more details.  

Let Niwot Glam Lounge take your eyelashes to the next level with the full, thick, curly lashes  you've always dreamed of!  We're conveniently located in the heart of Niwot, Colorado, off of Highway 119 and just a few miles west of I-25.

If you are living in or visiting Colorado, there is no better place to get yourself a beautiful, professional set of eyelash extensions and glamour products.  The only way to be the best is to do something you're passionate about like the artists at Niwot Glam Lounge do.

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