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About Dr. Bill Frea, Psychologist

I am a very focused and goal-oriented psychologist. I've been practicing for over 20 years, serving both adults and children. I am trained in a broad range of behaviorally oriented treatment approaches, including ACT. My clients learn to cope with stress, manage depression, and develop better relationships. I quickly identify what clients need to feel better, and work with them to develop a personal "dashboard" of critical factors. We evaluate the success of those individualized goals every week and adjust the treatment plan accordingly. I have specialization in anxiety, social relationships, autism/Aspergers, parenting, and issues related to transitioning to adulthood.

I have expertise working with parents. I have a particular specialization working with children and adults on the autism spectrum. I have worked with many families to solve issues related to behavior, socialization, school success, language development, and transitioning to adulthood. I also specialize in childhood issues overall, such as developmental delays.

I am one of the few psychologists who holds both a PhD and BCBA. I have specialized training in effective methods of assessment and treatment development. These are critical in implementing ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) techniques, treating anxiety disorders and depression, and assisting families dealing with behavioral issues in home, school, or community environments.

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