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About Boulder Colonic Center

Whether you are seeking relief from abdominal pain, constipation, indigestion, candida, liver problems, acid reflux, IBS, or looking for support with detoxification, cleansing, weight loss, improved digestion and general intestinal health, Boulder Colonic Center is your Alternative Health Center featuring an open, gravity feed system in a spa-like environment. 

Offering: Colon Cleanse, Kidney Flush, Parasite Cleanse, Intestinal Rebalancing, & Liver Flushing. Boulder Colonic Center carries the highest quality of health and wellness products specific to cleansing and rebuilding your biggest immune system – The Intestinal tract!

The $50 introductory special is an opportunity for you to experience this amazing process while maintaining your budget. An la Carte pricing suits the needs of each individual and there is always a monthly special.
On the website, you will find 40+ testimonials from satisfied clients, whose life has been changed by the guidance and support of Mardell Hill. With over 31 years in the health industry & an i-ACT Certification, Mardell offers a genuine look at intestinal health and education that will lead you to complete abdominal comfort! Discreetly located in a private studio, just off downtown Niwot.

Mardell Hill is the Internationally Published Author of: Intestinal Health – A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Comfort.

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