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About Ascend Child Development

At Ascend, we are committed to helping all children develop to their highest potential, by providing a positive and focused teaching environment that is sensitive to the needs of young children and their parents. We work directly with each child and their parents in fun, play-based learning sessions.

We offer something for every parent and every child. The greatest benefit of having us develop a program for you is the opportunity to learn simple but highly effective strategies to accelerate development. Research is clear that play is a powerful opportunity for learning. When children are engaged in play, they are motivated to learn. When you sit with your child to play they are watching you, ready to take your lead, and happy that you are participating in their play. What do you do with this powerful opportunity? We can show you.

Together we will work to help your child climb their developmental milestones. This should be a fun and rewarding journey. So let us help you rise to your child’s highest potential!

All children and families are welcome at Ascend.

Why visit Ascend?

Ascend has something to offer to all families with young children. Whether you think your child may be struggling in some aspect of development, or whether your child seems to be ahead of the game, Ascend is here for you and your family. We can provide powerful strategies for stimulating child development in either a focused or global approach. Healthy development is important for all children.


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