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Tuesday Nerd Talk - Cryonics

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Powder Keg Brewing


"Cryonics" means freezing patients at the temperature of liquid nitrogen after death in the hope that future science (like nanotechnology) can revive the patients, cure the cause of death, and rejuvenate them. Cryonics is controversial – some doubt it can ever be done. "Cryobiology" means freezing and reviving tissue, and this is not controversial – tissues up to the size of the thumb are frozen and revived every day. The difference is that it takes longer to perfuse a human brain with the solution that prevents formation of ice crystals than it does to perfuse smaller tissues. The "vitrification solution" is toxic over these longer times, so we can only hope that the future can fix the damage it does. Cryonics, then, is not a certain "cure" for death – it only gives us a chance, a hope.

Alan Mole, vice president of Cryonics Institute, will discuss the state of research and the practicalities and costs of getting frozen after death, and the prices and differences between providers of the service.

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